LaTasha Branch, MHA

LaTasha Branch

LaTasha L. Branch graduated from Illinois Medical College in Chicago, Illinois in 1985 with a diploma in medical assisting. Immediately after graduation, she began working in the healthcare field at Wells Medical Center. She was responsible for the duties of the practice encompassing both front and back office departments. Assisting the physicians with various procedures, including rare immunologic screenings, were part of the daily routine. She also supported the practice by addressing administrative tasks, such as insurance benefit verifications and prior authorization submissions.

Over the years, LaTasha continued to work in the healthcare industry and wore many hats, such as a phlebotomist, research technician, healthcare administrator, environmental allergy technician and a CPR trainer. In 1989 she was able to apply her real-world experience in an academic setting as she took a part-time role as an instructor at a local vocational school. Since then she has moved into academia full time, and she has found a passion for sharing knowledge and years of experience with those seeking to enter the healthcare industry.  

Ms. Branch holds an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Kaplan University and a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from Ashford University.

LaTasha has held managerial and director roles for over 26 years. She excels in leading students and staff to successful career paths. She has enjoyed seeing the differences made as students gain new insights about their career choices. LaTasha takes great pride and passion in her new role in the training and development of the next generation of medical assistants at Montes HealthCare College.

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