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Who We Are

Welcome to Montes HealthCare College! We are a group of doctors, administrators, and educators committed to empowering our students to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Our background reflects a history of service, compassion, and achievement, and we aspire to instill these attributes in each of our students throughout the course of their respective programs.


Montes HealthCare College develops our students into dedicated and compassionate allied health professionals and prepares them for meaningful employment by providing experiential learning opportunities, promoting interpersonal awareness, and instilling industry-recognized practices and principles.


  • To provide an inviting atmosphere that fosters teamwork and promotes academic success
  • To develop the skills and provide the resources necessary for students to realize their professional potential
  • To achieve and maintain meaningful employment for our students through lifetime skills practice opportunities, professional development guidance, and job placement support
  • To instill in our students humility and respect for others through community outreach and volunteer programs
  • To employ qualified and passionate faculty and staff who will promote their students’ success in pursuit of the college’s growth and development


Montes HealthCare College (MHCC) was a vision of Doctors Juan and Alejandro Montes nearly 10 years in the making! From the beginning of their careers, the Montes brothers realized that overcoming sickness and maintaining health are best achieved through a team-based approach. Accompanied by highly qualified medical assistants at their sides and additional assistants providing administrative support, the doctors have been able to deliver quality medical care and a full range of services in an increasingly demanding environment. This structure has enabled them to grow their small first practice into three additional locations, employ more than 10 on-staff clinicians and 50 medical assistants, and enroll more than 15,000 managed care patients.

With the support of their staff, the Montes doctors have had the opportunity to focus their efforts on impacting the health of their communities in a different way. They decided to apply their years of experience mentoring their employed medical assistants to the development of a formal medical assistant training program in Gardena, California.

In 2015, the concept gained momentum as the doctors secured a facility and recruited an instructor and staff who share their same passion for education and vision for the program. In 2016, the doctors and staff opened their doors and welcomed students to a vocational program guided by the practices and principles upheld in their clinics. This program aims to prepare its students to achieve fulfilling medical assistant careers.

With more than 30 years behind us in the Montes medical story, we are excited to have you join us as we celebrate this next chapter.

Contact us today to become a part of the Montes HealthCare College family!