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At Montes HealthCare College, we’re committed to providing our students with every opportunity to succeed. This dedication extends to our financing options. Working closely with our partners at Climb Credit, we’ve developed several payment plan options to help minimize your financial burden as much as possible. MHCC is licensed to operate by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). As such, we are approved by the state of California, operating within its rules and regulations. If you’re interested in reviewing your payment terms in-depth, please view the enrollment form(s) below.

What is Climb Credit?

Climb Credit is a new kind of student lending company that focuses on financing career-building programs to help students get a high return on investment from their education. They believe education is an investment toward your future career and earning potential and provide loans for Montes HealthCare College to help you reach that potential.

Climb Offers:

  • A quick online application -with the ability to add a cosigner -completed in as little as 5 minutes with no impact on credit score.
  • Prepay, in part or in whole, at any time without penalty.
  • Instant decisions 95% of the time, with the ability to accept and e-sign your documents in just a few clicks.
  • Friendly and responsive customer service available by email (hello@climbcredit.com), phone (888-510-0533), and instant chat from 9am to 9pm Eastern Standard Time.


MHCC Climb Credit Payment Options


Pay all registration and tuition fees at the time of enrollment and take advantage of a $1,500 discount!

  • Program Cost – $7,500
  • Discount – $1,500
  • Total Due – $6,000
  • Registration Fee – N/A


In this payment scenario, students pay $500 at the time of enrollment and pay the remaining $7,000 over 18 months interest-free!

  • Program Cost – $7,500
  • Discount – N/A
  • Total Due – $7,500*
  • Registration Fee – $500

*Remaining $7,000 is paid over 18 months


In this payment scenario, students pay a $250 registration fee and pay the remaining $7,250 over a 42-month loan. An interest-only payment period is available! The interest rate and total amount due vary based on the borrower’s credit standing. Not all borrowers will qualify.

  • Program Cost – $7,500
  • Discount – N/A
  • Total Due – Varies*
  • Registration Fee – $250

*Remaining $7,250 plus interest and application fee are paid over 42 months

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