Information for Parents

At Montes HealthCare College, family is one of our top priorities. Many of our students are enterprising high school graduates eager to enter the workforce. We know that their efforts are often supported and funded by their parents. For this reason, we work hard to make the enrollment process as seamless as possible. When you arrive for your tour of Montes HealthCare College, we will provide you with all of the information you need as a parent before enrolling your young adult into our programs. Below are some of the questions you may have along with our answers. If your question isn’t found here, please visit our FAQ section.

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

At MHCC, we believe that education should be affordable. One of the biggest barriers to success is long-term debt. For this reason, in addition to having the option of paying tuition upfront, students can also sign up for a payment plan upon enrollment. We offer a standard Payment Plan Agreement as well as an Extended Payment Plan Agreement. Both plans are detailed on our Fees & Financing page as well as our Enrollment Agreement documentation. You will be provided with complete details about all fees before enrolling in MHCC.

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What Are the Benefits Provided With Enrollment?

One of the major benefits of attending MHCC is learning from real doctors. Doctors Juan and Alejandro Montes have been practicing medicine for over 30 years. Their expertise can prove invaluable to students, providing them with firsthand knowledge and realistic expectations. Additionally, all textbooks, supplies, and materials are included in your tuition payment. Materials include study guides, tutoring, one uniform set, stethoscope, job placement assistance, and a lifetime of clinical skills practice at our medical assistant school.

What Can We Expect From Courses at MHCC?

Courses at MHCC are divided between in-classroom instruction, laboratory work, online assignments, and externships. In all aspects, we aim to provide our students with the support they need to succeed at every point in our curriculum. We are deeply committed to enriching our community and promote cooperation among our students.

What Can We Expect After Graduation?

Completing a program here at MHCC qualifies you to take the relevant exams administered by the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Once completed, the other two programs offered at MHCC give graduates the credentials to begin work immediately. In an effort to help you succeed, we may offer employment opportunities at our affiliated medical centers.

Enroll At Montes HealthCare College Today

If your young adult is ready to enroll, we welcome you to visit our campus today! Our staff works hard to make every learning experience an enjoyable one for our students. For questions and more information, get in touch by calling (310) 436-7000 or emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you.


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