Academic Dean, Juan Z. Montes, MD Medical Assistant Vocational School Montes HealthCare College

Juan Z. Montes, M.D.

Juan Z. Montes, M.D., M.P.H., completed his medical education at the Harvard Medical School and his internship at Harbor UCLA in Torrance, CA. Dr. Montes served his residency at UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, CA specializing in Internal Medicine and later earned a Masters in Public Health from the University of California, Los Angeles.

From the beginning of his healthcare career, Dr. Montes focused his efforts on treating adult and elderly populations. This has provided him the opportunity to refine his skills in internal medicine, which often involves complex diagnoses and demanding treatment plans.

As part of his healthcare philosophy, Dr. Montes strives to assist patients in achieving the best quality of life possible through information, guidance, and medical therapy. As a result of this philosophy, Dr. Montes has developed a special interest in addiction medicine and understanding addictive behavior. He also applies his cultural background and bilingual abilities to be especially supportive of his Latino patients.

Sheniqua Maefau Medical Assisting Instructor Medical Assistant Vocational School Montes HealthCare College

Sheniqua Maefau

Driven by her desire to help those in need, Sheniqua Maefau, or Ms. Mae as she is affectionately known by her students, began her career in the world of healthcare in 1992 as a medical assistant. She gained a broad understanding of the field as her first position exposed her to pediatrics, orthopedics, rheumatology, and internal medicine. Despite her interest in the clinical side of the practice, her supervisors realized her aptitude for communication and quickly transitioned her into the role of HMO Coordinator/Financial Counselor. With this title, she was responsible for educating the practice’s growing managed care population on the benefits and limitations of their health coverage, and she also reviewed financing options with those patients carrying high out of pocket balances. At the time, she did not realize that this experience was actually preparing her for the most challenging and rewarding opportunity of her life, instructing.

A few years later, armed with the knowledge and wisdom gained from her past experiences, Ms. Mae was ready to move on to the next dimension of her career. At age 22 she became a medical assistant instructor teaching anatomy, physiology, and other medical assisting courses. She quickly realized this to be her passion and even now, 19 years later, is inspired to deliver her best effort to her students every day. Over the last decade, her career expanded beyond the classroom and she has gained experience in program leadership, curriculum development/instructional design, and consulting.

Having enjoyed leading the instruction of the classroom for so many years, Ms. Mae also takes time to further her knowledge by enrolling in continuing education coursework. She has had the pleasure of studying at schools such as American Career College (medical assisting, nursing), University of California Los Angeles (biology), University of Irvine (business administration), and Northwestern University (organizational leadership). And when not teaching or learning, she enjoys traveling, singing, painting, photography, and spending time with her adult son, Tré.

Ms. Mae lives her life by the motto “Eagles fly high in the sky, not to look down on others, but to make others look up,” so she encourages her students to be the change they want to see in the world.

Ms. Mae joined Montes HealthCare College in 2016 and looks forward to the opportunity to teach, to lead, and to inspire.

Dr. Alejandro Z. Montes, MD Chief Academic Officer Medical Assistant Vocational School Montes HealthCare College

Alejandro Z. Montes, M.D.

Dr. Alejandro Montes received his medical degree at the University of California, Irvine and later completed his internship and residency program in pediatrics at the Valley Medical Center, a University of California, San Francisco teaching hospital.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Montes realizes that educating parents is just as important as treating children. By explaining the process of illness and the various treatment options, Dr. Montes is able to calm anxiety and raise the level of understanding so that both patient and parent are properly served.

With the increased incidence of Type I Diabetes in children, Dr. Montes has taken an active interest in its early detection and treatment. He feels that awareness, understanding, and education are essential to minimizing the long term effects of this disease.

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