Important Tips For Managing a Medical Assistant Schedule

There are a lot of day-to-day tasks to worry about as a medical assistant. Scheduling, reporting info, keeping patients happy – these responsibilities can stack up and cause a lot of stress. As we all know, stress can translate to backaches, moodiness, and a decline in work performance. Whether you’re new to the medical field or not, a well-managed medical assistant schedule can make a world of difference.

At Montes HealthCare College, the education doesn’t stop after the course is over. Our team believes that extending support beyond the classroom is the key to ensuring the success of our students. As medical professionals, we know the difficulties faced by those in the field. As such, we’ve prepared a list of important tips to help you manage your medical assistant schedule. It all starts with…

Setting Specific Goals and Having a To-do List

The adage rings true: if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Though it may seem like an obvious tip, many often forget about setting goals. Goals don’t need to be grand or spectacular; they just have to be something we keep in mind as we go about our days. Setting goals, no matter how small, can keep us motivated and give our moods a boost when we’re feeling low.

The satisfaction that comes from completing a task you’ve had on your mind all day can have a lot of mental benefits. Having your goals laid out on a to-do list can be even better. Each completed task can help you feel accomplished while also helping you stay organized and stress-free.

Professional doctor assistant checking medical records on laptop

Cluster Your Activities

Having a to-do list is a good start, but keeping the list organized is even better. Instead of writing a bulleted list of activities, we recommend grouping tasks together. For example, if your responsibilities include patient check-ins, completing all of your check-ins in a row can help ensure that no patient is left behind.

It’s very easy to forget small tasks given a medical assistant’s hectic schedule. Therefore, this technique of “clustering” responsibilities can help you maintain your focus. Couple this method with setting personal deadlines, and you can ensure that you’re able to get everything done before those feelings of stress creep in.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

The medical office is not always cut-and-dry. From walk-in patients to emergencies, complications can often arise when you least expect them. You can’t predict these surprises, but you can be prepared on the off chance that they show up. Allocating a couple of flexible hours per day to the unexpected is a good start tackling these issues while keeping stress to a minimum.

Another tip for maintaining preparedness is to keep materials handy. For example, you should always carry a notepad and pen to make schedule changes or write down important notes for the doctor. Even a simple set of tools like these can be a lifesaver when you’re placed in a stressful situation.

Are You Prepared for a Medical Assistant Career?

Don’t let this talk of stress scare you! Becoming a medical assistant can be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make. Your journey starts here at Montes HealthCare College. Our team is happy to provide you with the education and advice you need to become a professional. If you’re interested in learning about our courses, give us a call at (310) 436-7000 or schedule a tour of our campus by clicking HERE.


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