Is Becoming a Medical Assistant Hard?

Prospective students often have similar concerns when contacting us for a tour of our Gardena campus. One of the most pressing questions on their minds is if becoming a medical assistant is hard. While the answer is subjective, we want to do our best to prepare you for what you’re about to embark on.

Becoming a medical assistant can be rewarding and fulfilling for many. However, while our program only takes six months to complete, it still requires academic engagement. At MHCC, we do our best to provide our students with the materials and support they need. Below is some information on what we will provide and what you can expect. By taking the first step here at MHCC, you can pave the way for a long and rewarding career in the medical field.

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Materials Will Be Provided, Free of Additional Charge

The high costs of education are one of the main reasons why many are unable or unwilling to join courses. Often, colleges and universities require that you purchase your own course materials when signing up for a program.

At MHCC, supplies and materials are included in your tuition payment. These supplies encompass all of the textbooks and study guides you need, along with one uniform set and a stethoscope. We will also include tutoring during your stay with us and job placement assistance after you complete your education. This is all done in an effort to help you attain the success you deserve.

What to Expect From a Medical Assistant Class

The act of entering a medical course might make you think that you need advanced knowledge. Often, prospective students believe that they need to know advanced math, biology, and/or human anatomy to stand any chance of completing the program. However, no advanced knowledge is needed when studying to become a medical assistant.

During your in-class or hybrid courses, we will cover the basics of medical terminology, patient interaction, and clerical work. All of these skills are something we will practice and perfect over the course of several months. So long as you attend class and are diligent in your studies, you will succeed.

What to Expect From Your Externship

The externship portion of our program offers a unique opportunity for you to engage in real-world clinical training. During your externship, you will shadow employed medical assistants and interact with doctors in the field. Little will be needed aside from your attention and cooperation with those who you will shadow.

The difficulty of this portion, and the course in general, is dependent on your passion. Before you begin your journey, be sure to ask yourself if the program is right for you. If so, then your externship will serve as the most illuminating experience during your education here at Montes HealthCare College.

How to Get Started

Becoming a medical assistant can be somewhat challenging, but if you’re passionate, you will do great. At MHCC, we will provide you with all the tools and guidance necessary to help you every step of the way. For more information, get in touch and schedule a tour of our Gardena campus. You can reach us by calling (310) 436-7000 or clicking HERE.


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