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Program Objective

Upon completion of this program the student will possess the knowledge and skills necessary for successful transition into an entry-level position as a Medical Assistant.  Students are trained in both front and back office medical procedures that can be used in clinics, hospitals, or physician offices.

The program is 32 weeks long and consists of eight modules. The first seven modules are 80 hours each and are conducted in a classroom and laboratory environment on campus. Tests and/or quizzes are administered weekly during each didactic module.  The eighth module is spent in an externship consisting of 160 hours of practical training at an approved externship site.  There is no final exam for completion of the program.


Program Outline

Course Number Course Title Clock Hours Semester Credits
MA1110 The Professional Medical Assistant 80 4.0
MA1120 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 80 4.0
MA1130 Front Office Procedures 80 4.0
MA1140 Administration of Medication 80 4.0
MA1150 Medical Billing and Coding 80 4.0
MA1160 Anatomy and Physiology I 80 4.0
MA1170 Anatomy and Physiology II 80 4.0
MA1180 Externship 160 4.0
Totals 720 32.0


Career Outcomes

This program prepares students for positions such as Medical Assistant, Medical Lab Assistant, or Medical Administrative Assistant.

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