Melina, Medical Assistant Testimonial

At Montes HealthCare College we pride ourselves on providing unique student experiences. Our mission is to help you shape your foundation. Financial freedom and a rewarding career in the medical field can be yours in just a few short months. We are a college founded by real doctors with the aim of preparing people, both young and old, for the rest of their lives. While college courses can take up most of your time, especially when it comes to the desire to balance and prioritize your personal and academic life, our staff at MHCC are here to lighten the load and work with you to pursue your goals. But why take our word for it when you can read an actual medical assistant testimonial from one of our students?

We are excited for your future self to thank you for your hard work and dedication now. The lovely thing about MHCC is that we have tons of current students and alumni alike that are proud of the steps they have taken towards their desired futures! We have created an open forum for both our past and present students to be transparent about their experiences here at our institution. These may be helpful to you to gain some knowledge and insight on how MHCC cares and provides for our students. We recently sat down with Melina, a graduate of our Medical Assistance Program, and asked her questions regarding her personal experience. We hope that the following medical assistant testimonial can provide you with the insight you need to take that first step today!

Melina Q&A

How did you hear about Montes HealthCare College?

I heard about Montes HealthCare College when I was getting my blood drawn at the Montes Clinic. Out of curiosity I asked the woman drawing my blood how she got the job and she introduced me to the college.

Melina and Ms. Branch

Why did you choose Montes HealthCare College?

I chose this college because it was very affordable and a fast-paced program which was very convenient for me. I knew I wanted more in my life and decided to take my first step.

What are you doing now?

As of now I am currently a medical assistant. I really love my job and love the connection I built with Dr. Ilani – it was an amazing experience working with her as she motivated me a lot to do better and knew I could advance my career. As you guys may be aware, I’m transitioning to become a full time student and receive my ADN degree to further my education.

What did you like the most about Montes HealthCare College?

What I liked the most about Montes Healthcare College was how small the school was. Everyone was very close to each other and I loved that Ms. Branch was very attentive with me and my peers.

What is your most memorable experience from Montes HealthCare College?

My most memorable experience was definitely the time I was teaching my peers how to do certain procedures. It made me realize how confident I was with my skills and how I went from not knowing anything about medicine to teaching my peers.

How do you feel your life has changed after graduating from Montes HealthCare College?

My life changed tremendously, I became so confident with myself. I never thought I’d be a receptionist as I didn’t know how to speak with people. My customer service skills improved and all my patients loved me and I developed a personal relationship with them. I realize how much I love helping people and truly found my passion. As mentioned, I’m continuing my education since I know I still have a lot more growing to do.

Would you recommend Montes HealthCare College?

I would recommend this college as my personal experience was amazing.

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