No, It’s Not Too Late to Go Back to School

School is a big commitment, and deciding to return can often shake things up. It’s common for people to be hesitant when deciding to pursue additional education after high school. For many, going to school means quitting work; it can mean cutting back on expenses – some may even feel that they are too old to go back.

The truth is, it’s never too late to go back to school. Here at Montes HeathCare College, all of our programs can be completed in less than a year. Moreover, our programs are affordable and can be pursued regardless of age. If you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant, medical coding and billing specialist, or phlebotomist, our programs may be right for you. Read on for more reasons why it’s not too late to get the education you deserve.

Going Back to School After 30

Going back to school after 30 can seem like a daunting task. If you’re over 30, you may feel like your chance at higher education has passed. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Going back to school after your 20s can carry several advantages.

One of the major benefits that you have over those in their 20s is that you’ve had a longer work history. Working other jobs has given you a clearer sense of the kind of environment you want to be in, who you want to work with, and what you could do without. The benefit of applying for our programs is that you will get hands-on experience in the field, allowing you to easily determine if this step is the right choice for you based on how it compares to your prior experiences.

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How to Know It’s Time for a Career Change

There’s only so far you can go by working certain jobs. Eventually, we all hit a roadblock in our development and feel that a career change can help us grow. The major benefit of a career like medical assisting is that it presents many growth opportunities.

As a medical assistant, you can continue forward and develop administrative or clinical skills. Your experiences and further education in the field will help keep your journey going. That’s more than can be said for most other jobs.

School Doesn’t Have to Involve a 4-Year University

University degrees are helpful, but not everyone is willing to commit to earning a 4-year degree. The reasons for this vary, but generally, people are concerned about the time, cost, and focus that going to full-time university demands.

The good news is that you don’t have to go to a university for four years to get an education. Here at Montes HealthCare College, our programs can be completed in as little as six months (our phlebotomy program can be completed in a month!) and for far less than a semester at a university. The length of time may be short, but you will gain the valuable education you need to begin your career within the medical or administrative fields.

School Can Help You Grow Personally and Professionally

Along with education, school can give you an important opportunity to grow your personal and professional circles. During your time here at Montes HealthCare College, you will be surrounded by like-minded people on the same path.

Making connections can prove invaluable after you complete your course. It will enrich your social circle as well as open job opportunities that were previously unavailable to you.

How to Get Started

Take the first step by contacting our team at Montes HealthCare College today. Our programs can give you the education you deserve quickly and at an affordable cost, enriching your life and broadening your career opportunities. To get started, simply dial (310) 436-7000 or click HERE.

Along with campus tours, we also offer students the opportunity to experience a real class before committing to a tuition payment schedule. Get in touch and attend one of our class sessions to see if our programs are right for you. No payment is necessary; simply contact us to request a pre-enrollment class audit.


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