Tips to Saving Money When You Go Back to School

One of the biggest hindrances to going to school at any age is finances. Whether you are a fresh high school graduate headed off to your first semester at university or you are a mother of 4 entering a medical assistant program near you to better your income and provide for your kids, you’ll need to consider the financial impact of going to school. Of course, there is financial assistance that helps you pay for school, but what about the time you have to take off work to complete the program, books, living expenses, and other money that you have to spend? Join us in today’s post as we offer some tips to help you save money when you go back to school.

1. Prepare Your Meals.

Convenience meals are just that, convenient. Grab and go, leaving a lot of money behind. And, schools are great at hogging your time and offering convenience foods, at a price. Save significant amounts of money by making your own coffee at home and preparing and bringing your meals. We understand that you probably don’t have time to cook every day, and that’s okay. We recommend meal prepping or even purchasing convenience foods in bulk at the grocery store.

Let’s review the math. If you purchase one meal a day at an average of $10, over a work/school week, you’ll have spent $50 on just a single meal each day. Over a semester, this total is well over $800. Think about where that money could be better spent and spending your Sunday afternoon meal prepping doesn’t seem so bad after all! If you’ve got freezer space, you can even meal prep before the semester begins for as many meals as possible. Save time, save money, eat healthier to fuel your learning brain!

2. Reduce Frivolous Spending.

We all make the goals to save money, but very few of us actually implement the steps to go about it. During the semester commit to reducing spending that isn’t absolutely necessary. Don’t worry, you can set goals and reward yourself at the end of the semester or program when you are working and able to make or save money. Consider skipping girls night out, or host it at your place instead. Commit to the wardrobe you have until you land your new job and then reward yourself with a new outfit. Skip a pedicure and do it at home instead. Remind yourself it’s not forever, you are just making sacrifices while you complete your program that will hopefully result in higher income.

3. Accept Help.

Most of us let our pride get the best of us. We don’t ask for help and we refuse to accept help that is offered. While you are in school, it is not the time to be stubborn when it comes to accepting help. Don’t think of it as accepting handouts, consider it others investing in you. If it makes you feel better, once you are out of school, you can pay the kindness forward. We aren’t just talking about monetary investments, but allow people to pay for your meal when you go out or watch your kids for a few hours so you can study. There will be plenty of time to return favors if you feel you must. Now is the time to pinch pennies and buckle down.

At Montes Healthcare College, we offer residents of Gardena, California educational opportunities to better their futures and improve their income. We know the sacrifices our students make to attend school and put in the work. We are here to help! Our staff can help you apply for financial aid and work out payment plans that work for you. Our alumni is here to offer input and suggestions, so you can learn from their mistakes or succeed off their wins. Don’t let finances be the reason you don’t reach your goals. Connect with us online or stop by our Gardena campus today.


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