Medical Coding & Billing Program

What Is Medical Coding & Billing?

Medical coding and billing specialists act as liaisons between medical offices and insurance providers. By accepting this role, you become a translator for the practice, converting the physician’s medical terminology into codes processed by insurance carriers.  Like many other careers in the medical field, medical coding and billing specialists are in high demand and job opportunities are growing. However, unlike medical assistants, these specialists primarily handle administrative duties and rarely engage with patients.

At Montes HealthCare College, we’re dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive education. All of the skills and information you learn at MHCC will be derived from the first-hand experiences of Doctors Juan and Alejandro Montes. In an effort to bring you the full experience of working as a specialist, the MHCC Medical Coding & Billing Program will be offered in a hybrid format.  Throughout your time with us, you will be instructed both in the classroom and in an online format. This method of instruction will help you capture the hands-on learning required by the industry along with the online responsibilities of claim submission and medical revenue management as presented through our web-based learning platforms.

Duties and Requirements

  • Clerical Duties:
    • Creating and sending medical claims for insurance companies and patients.
    • Following up on unpaid claims.
    • Clarifying claim discrepancies.
    • Arranging appropriate payment plans.
    • Obtaining pre-authorizations for certain procedures.
    • Reviewing medical bills and fees.
    • Confirming patient eligibility.
  • Required Knowledge:
    • Proficiency with medical billing software.
    • Knowledge of insurance guidelines.
    • Understanding of medical code classifications.
    • Great communication skills with patients/healthcare companies.
    • Basic accounting and bookkeeping knowledge.

Medical Coding & Billing Program Overview

Our Medical Coding and Billing Program will allow you to receive a certificate of completion without traditional weekly classroom attendance. The program is centered around hands-on learning and instruction on advanced medical coding skills. This comprehensive preparation will give you the training you need to succeed in the field. Below is an outline of the program and a preview of the classroom policies and learning objectives through Modules 1 and 2.

Doctor using a tablet

Program Objectives

The main objective of this program is to provide you with a thorough understanding of medical coding and billing best practices. After completing the program, you will be prepared for an entry-level position as a medical billing clerk or administrative assistant.

Our Medical Coding & Billing Program is broken up into eight modules. Each module focuses on a different aspect of the field.

The program is 680 hours total. After successfully completing our Medical Coding & Billing Program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate will give you the credentials needed to apply for work as a medical coding and billing specialist.

Program Outline

Module NumberModule TitleClock HoursSemester Credits
MCBH110Introduction to Coding – The Language of Medical Billing804.0
MCBH120Body Systems with Introduction to Medical Coding804.0
MCBH130Introduction to Billing Systems and Healthcare Insurance804.0
MCBH140Introduction to Medical Billing Insurance Processing Outpatient Physician-Based804.0
MCBH150Advanced Coding Skills804.0
MCBH160Coding Compliance – Audit and Revenue Integrity804.0
MCBH170Coding Certification Test Preparation – Outpatient402.0

Financing for Medical Coding & Billing Programs

At Montes HealthCare College we happily provide financing support through Climb Credit Financing. In addition to providing payment options, we also provide all of the educational resources necessary to complete this program upon enrollment. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits available.

Medical Coding & Billing Career Outcomes

After completing the exams required for certification, you can begin your medical coding and billing career as an Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerk (SOC 43-9041) or a Medical Secretary (SOC 43-6013). With the increase of elderly patients and medical facilities, job opportunities in the medical field are expected to grow over the next decade. While the field offers many employment opportunities, our staff at MHCC is happy to consider our alumni for job placement at one of our affiliated clinics.

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